What we do

Whilst always opportunistic, we have two primary areas of focus.

Repositioning Central London Offices

What occupiers want from their working environment is constantly evolving and land owners can struggle to meet these changing demands. In addition to specification and layout, the levels of service and amenity are increasingly a major factor in the overall success of an office development.

Appley, through direct dialogue with occupiers and excellent relationships with agents and leading architects, has a good appreciation of these workspace requirements and expectations. Through refurbishment, development and provision of services we aim to deliver the very best contemporary specifications and office environments that will be exemplars in their markets.

Mixed Use – Optimising Commercial Elements

We are experienced in working on a number of mixed use sites across London and are passionate about creating places where people can truly live, work, eat, drink and relax. In any opportunity great importance is placed on the early consideration of how best to integrate residential and commercial uses and curate the optimum tenant mix – often now also including ‘affordable’ commercial elements. We are looking to pioneer at every opportunity – whether in terms of layout, use, specification and even how schemes are let/sold.

We provide a real focus at the initial design stage to ensure that there is a strong influence on the design team to ensure the commercial elements are presented to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the occupier market as well as ensuring that the commercial elements can readily be sold separately. This often involves a considerable focus on technical and legal requirements relating to the development, its letting and eventual sale.

In 2018 Appley was selected by London Square – one of London’s leading residential and mixed use developers – to promote, deliver, let and sell its commercial elements within mixed use schemes under the brand London Square Works. We are now involved in the design, development, letting and sale of 9 major developments across London.